Lighting Home Décor

Lighting Home Décor

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The feel of being along the coast, walking on the beach, or sailing on the ocean can be brought into your home when you purchase coastal lighting fixtures. Coastal lighting has been a popular trend for many years, bringing the elements of living on or near the sea into homes that may be hundreds of miles from the shoreline.

But what is coastal lighting, why bring it into your home, and what advantages does it bring?

What is Coastal Lighting?

The nautical style of lighting goes back to the 19th century in terms of electrical fixtures. But you can trace this form of lighting back even further when using candles. It was created by the conditions of living on a boat or along the shoreline as the sea has a different effect on the environment compared to being inland.

This translates to lighting fixtures that are designed to be sleek, durable, and a reminder of the vast ocean and the beauty it brings. Coastal chandelier lighting for example offers a rugged, yet pleasing appearance that illuminates the room while bringing back memories of your visit or stay along the coast nautical lighting.

Coastal lighting is noted for it use of round or circular designs for most of the fixtures, which includes simple lighting to complete chandeliers. Quite often, the glass used in the fixtures has a light frost reminiscent of the fog that rolls in from the ocean. The rounded shapes allow the breeze to make its way without the interruption of sharp corners.

There are often naval themes incorporated into this form of lighting that may include anchors, the shapes of marine life, or decorations that include depictions of the sea. This means that some lighting of the coastal variety type will have overt references to boats, ships, and life in the sea while others are subtler in nature.

But the most distinctive feature is the use of white and muted blue colors that offer reminders of the beaches and ocean. Coastal lighting is more of a feel rather than a specific design, but it does create an atmosphere that is unmistakable when combined with the proper home décor.

Types of Coastal Lights

Probably the most common or at least the most recognizable are the porch lights or those that hang over or near the front door. They are quite distinctive in appearance as they look like lanterns found on sailing vessels of old. But the most common forms of lighting include but are not limited to the following.

- Ceiling Fans
- Chandeliers
- Coastal Wall Sconces
- Outdoor
- Table & Floor Lamps
- Vanity and More

Essentially, coastal lighting offers the same variety as most of types of lighting designs. The only difference is the nautical theme which separates it from categories such as modern or contemporary which may include different themes.
Advantages of Coastal Lighting Fixtures

There are good reasons why if the sea appeals to you that coastal lighting fixtures are a must. Even if your affinity for the sea is not as strong, there are still benefits to choosing this theme for your home.

Availability: One big advantage is that the coastal or marine theme is prevalent with home décor, making it easy to create a nautical theme with the addition of coastal chandelier lighting or smaller fixtures. If you are redecorating your home, the coastal theme is easy to find in curtains, paint, furniture, and the like. This means you can transform your residence quickly and easily because all the pieces are available. Whether it is one room or the entire home, you can compliment your coastal lighting fixtures with all sorts of nautical themes that bring distinction to your residence.

Complimentary: An interesting aspect of coastal lighting lamps and chandeliers is that they fit in well with other types of décor. You can mix and match to your heart’s content and create a unique look that is still quite pleasing and accessible to the eye. The mixture of themes can be done in different rooms, such as using this form of lighting in areas with large windows for example. It’s your choice which is what makes coastal or nautical themed lighting so versatile and complimentary to different thematic choices.

Durable: All lighting fixtures that adhere to the coastal theme are designed to be durable and long-lasting. This means that you can enjoy them for years to come as the illuminate your home and compliment your sense of décor. The round designs are also well-suited for outdoor use with the designated lighting fixtures. The distinctive thick glass and rounded shape means that your outdoor coastal lighting will stand up to the wind as if it were along the beach.

Singular: Perhaps redecorating your home to look like it is along the shoreline is not that appealing to you? If so, then a single lamp, chandelier, or other coastal lighting fixture creates a singular touch that is distinctive and beautiful. As a centerpiece to a room or perhaps a small light on the end table, the coastal theme will still permeate your living area thanks to the distinctive designs that come with this form of lighting.

Timeless: The nautical themes have never gone out of style. It is a reminder of the past yet seems prescient and in touch with today’s modern world. Even though ships have changed, the sea never changes which is why coastal lighting remains so popular.

Another aspect that makes this type of lighting timeless is the clean, round lines that make it fit in with different sizes of residences. Whether you are in a small apartment or a large home, the coastal themes resonate.

If you are looking to change the décor of your home to something more attractive and timeless, the coastal lighting may be the perfect answer for you. A coastal chandelier in the living room, dining room, or entranceway offers a beautiful reminder of being along the coast. Plus, you can decorate your home with nautical themes that can augment the coastal lighting fixtures that you purchase.

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